Past Events

On May 1st Fr. Leo Cachat SJ came to Traverse City, Immaculate Conception Parish to talk about Ignation Spirituality and the various types of retreats that are offered at Manresa Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills.

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On Sunday August 28 2016 we held our third event at Villa Marquette.  We had Dr. Nancy Tuckman and Dr. Michael Schuck      from Loyola of Chicago.

  "A Jeusit Response to Climate Change"


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On Sunday August 27, 2015 JFAN-GT held it’s second event.  Again we had 120 friends and alumni.  The guest speaker was Br. Jim Boynton SJ who talked about the history of early Jesuits in Northern Michigan

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                              Father Terry Chaleston  SJ                                                                            Chapel at Villa Marquette

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On March 30, 2017  Fr. Gerald Cavanugh SJ came to Christ the King Church  near Traverse City to talk about business ethics.

In  April 2016 Fr. Norm Dickson SJ was our guest speaker at an event held at Christ the King Church near Traverse City